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Metal Clay in a Day

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in englisch 21x28cm 126 Seiten Einfache Grundtechniken mit Metal Clay in einem Tag erlernt..... FIngerringe, Anhänger, Ohrringe in vielen Variationen, kombiniert mit Biegetechniken und mit verschiedenen Perlen bestückt. original Klapptext: If you want to try your hand at metal clay, but you're intimidated by the time commitment or cost, Metal Clay in an Day is the book for you. Basic techniques and more than twenty-five simple, stylish jewelry projects offer you the perfext introduction to the metal clay without requiring you to spend a fortune on new tools and material. No-Kiln Firing. Every project in the book can be fired using a hand-held butane torch instead of a kiln, and you'll learn simple steps to getting professional-looking results.